Brother and Sister Reunite Just In Time for Wedding

Eddie Poole, 60 year-old war veteran and former councilor, experienced the fulfillment of his lifelong dream. He reunited with his estranged sister, Susan, after 50 years of separation. Eddie found Susan just in time for his wedding, an occasion he will treasure with his long lost sister and her family by his side.

Eddie and his sister Susan were separated as children and wondered if they would ever see each other again.

The siblings were taken into foster care at a young age. According to Eddie, the process was quite disconcerting as potential parents would walk around the children and choose which ones they wanted. Susan found a home quickly, leaving Eddie behind.

After ten years of switching families and suffering through an emotional roller coaster, Eddie joined the Army at age 15 and served with the Royal Army Medical Corps for 25 years.

“Going into the army was great for me,” Eddie said. “The army became my family because I never had anyone else. It was my life.”

After retirement, Eddie landed a job in computers and also worked as a taxi driver. He didn’t start seriously searching for his sister until 2009, when he ended a committed relationship.

Eddie contacted the adoption agency NORCAP, an organization dedicated to re-connecting lost loved ones split apart by adoption.

It took a full year for NORCAP to locate Eddie’s long lost sister.

“But it still took such a long time because Susan had changed her surname three times through adoption and marriage, which is of course what women do,” he said.

Eddie was shocked and elated at the news and didn’t know how to explain his feelings.

“The whole thing is difficult to put into words,” he said. “The feeling is not a usual one which you can pigeon-hole.”

Eddie’s and his fiancée, Judy Morris, and his long lost sister, along with six members of her family gathered together for the reunion.

“It was just a marvelous experience. I sat there all afternoon in some sort of surreal fog, talking to her and not quite believing it was real,” Eddie said.

Eddie is not only happy to have his sister back, but he is also overjoyed that he has his extended family with him for his wedding.

“I can’t believe I am going to have them all there at the wedding. It is not just seeing Susan again, but I’ve also suddenly got uncles, nieces, nephews and all sorts,” Eddie said. “I’ve gone from having nothing to suddenly having everything. It is a wonderful new beginning for both me and Judy.”